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Lychee frooties - features a blend of mouth-watering lychee, berries finished with a slight cooling sensation 

Orange Frooties - is a delightfully sweet mix of Orange Candy flavours with a slightly cooling sensation 

Blackmint Frooties -  is a Blackcurrant flavour with a hint of forest fruits, with a dash of mint . Truly refreshing

Grapple Frooties - We all know the famous grapple flavour !  A cooling combo of Grape, Apple. Everyone needs a Grapple flavour in their life.

Honeydew Frooties - is a tropical blend of fruit with a cool twist. On inhale a bold watermelon flavour is sweet with tart notes, the sweetness is intensified by a honeydew melon, the fruit is softened by an icy exhale.