Zom-B Cloud - Grizzly Gore *FREE NIC SHOTS*

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An Original but firm favourite that will evoke flash backs full of energy to raise you up from the Dead.

You have to be a warrior. A soldier. Fearless. Uninhibited. A Un Dead with a take-no-prisoners, raw, survival instinct to vape Grizzly Gore

You will receive a 60ml bottle, filled with 50ml of Nicotine free eliquid. You also have the option to purchase 1x 10ml bottle of Nicotine. Mixing the Nicotine shot bottle into the 60ml bottle will make your  Eliquid 3mg, negating the need to purchase the 10ml pre-mixed bottles.

Important Notice: Do not use the nicotine shots on their own. Only to be mixed with Eliquid provided.



1 x 60ml (50ml of e-liquid) Zom-B Cloud


80/20 VG/PG

Contains Propylene Glycol

Contains Vegetable Glycerin

No Alcohol

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