Dr Vapes - The Panther Series

We live in an era where technology is steadily progressing to make life simpler. E-Cigarettes have been part of the technology improvements with high-tech mods, tanks & e-liquids and most importantly has proven to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes by the NHS.
Our mission is to help smokers of any kind to make the quit comfortably, safely and enjoyably. We are also ex-smokers and we know how hard it could be sometimes to quit a smoking habit, so we try our best to make it easy by creating e-liquid flavours that can be easily consumed on a daily basis and enjoyed as the substitute to their old habits.
The Doctor was introduced to e-cigarettes in 2013 and brewed his first juice in 2014. After years of developing special recipes known as ’All Day Vapes’ those have now developed into ranges including ’Dat Stuff’, ’The Panther Series’ which are loved by many vapers worldwide.