Embrace The Blade Angel! Tenshi is a UK made E-Liquid brand with 4 deliciously fruity flavours that will make you feel like the protagonist out of a cheesy animated movie! Tenshi is now available at Vapers Club Uk in 50ml short fill bottles as a 70/30 blend e-liquid.


Our aim here at Tenshi Vapes is simple - we want to eliminate the clutter and chaos from an over-saturated marketplace and replace it with premium products and creativity, complemented by unique storytelling and a healthier lifestyle choice. Everything we do here at the Tenshi Vapes is centred around quality, from imagining ideas for flavours to the packaging our product comes in. Among these things is our most important process - the crafting of our e-liquids. To ensure that we are offering the best product imaginable, we take a careful approach throughout our entire method, consistently testing the quality of our products to ensure that we are constantly improving our range.

The flavours we create go through dynamic stages of research. Firstly, we begin with our in-house group tasting sessions; the Tenshi team get together to test each flavour to get a feel of how well the flavours are put together. The team will then judge the liquid on 3 factors: vapour production, smoothness and of course, taste. Is there something missing? Could we change anything to make it even better? And finally, does it level up to our current flavours? If the answer to the final question is 'NO', we continue our quest to producing something worthy of taking the new #1 title.

This is a process that can take a long time, wholly because we strive to perfect our flavours to provide our customers with the very best products on the market. We believe that the time we put into our liquids is reflected in the quality and flavour of every single one, and is something we endeavour to uphold.